Real Scan – OBD-II software for DOS

Real Scan is a real mode OBD-II software. This software was not written to compete with’s software. Their software has more features and a fancier top Combo Maze interface. This software, on the other hand, only reads/clears scancodes, but should run fine on a 286.

Software Requirements:

  • 8088 processor or later (tested on Athlon XP 1600+, 486SLC-50)
    MSDOS 3.0 or later (tested on DOS 6.22, DOS 7.1)
    256K memory
  • Elm 320/322/323 based OBD-II scantool (tested on an Elm322 V1.1 interface)
  • Mono/CGA/EGA/VGA or SVGA display
    -OR- Matrix Orbital 2041 20X4 serial LCD connected to COM1 or COM2
  • AT or PS/2 Keyboard
    -OR- Gravis GamePad Pro connected to the PC Gameport (in GrIP mode)
    -OR- Standard PC Joystick/Gamepad connected to the PC Gameport

Software Homepage

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Sunday, June 20th, 2010 Diagnostics