Fraunhofer's 3D dashboard prototype

of companies are willing to throw at your car’s dashboard is amazing (well, maybe not your car — after all, you’re still driving a ’76 Gremlin). Taking things up a notch, the folks at have developed a dash that displays your location and the surrounding area in 3D, in real time. The system uses cameras to keep track of the location of your eyes, so the depth imaging effect can be achieved without using those funny glasses. In addition to the GPS, the dashboard only displays the information that is most relevant to the driver at any time — fuel gauge, tire pressure, route information or the title of the song can be displayed, depending on user preferences. It’s only a prototype at this point — be sure to check it out when you hit CeBIT in Hanover this March.

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Friday, June 11th, 2010 Gauges & Dashboards